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Gas Bottles

Welding GAS

Mitchell Machine Spares now offer a range of RENT FREE welding gas cylinders to Hobby and Trade welders this includes both MIG welding gas and TIG welding gas. We can supply  rent free gas bottles and cylinders in Galway and continue to offer our customers quality gas at the right price without the continual rent that is often charged by other gas suppliers.
Whatever your welding gas usage, we offer a range different sized cylinders so that we can supply to an array of different markets. Our 50L industrial gas cylinders are aimed at businesses that can go through a 50L cylinder at least every 3 months. For businesses that do not use this amount of gas we have our range of 20L trade gas cylinders, which are for businesses that can go through a 20L at least twice a year. For all other customers we have our 9L hobby gas range of cylinders, which have no usage constraints on the cylinder.

Propylene GAS

Propylene is one of the cleanest burning, easiest to use, best performing and safest fuels available. With most products you have to pay extra to get the best, but with Propylene you get this high level of quality and still save money. The average cost of Propylene is typically 50% lower than the cost of acetylene. The versatility of Propylene means that you only need to buy one fuel for many jobs. Propylene can be used for hand cutting, machine cutting, flame hardening, metalizing, brazing, soldering, welding, pre-heating and stress relieving.
Propylene cylinders are the easiest to handle. The main reason for this is the weight of the cylinders. One 63 lb. cylinder of Propylene weighs 111 pounds and contains 63 pounds of fuel. A single cylinder of acetylene weighs twice as much, but only contains 16 pounds of fuel. The reason for this is simple. A cylinder of Propylene contains nothing but fuel, whereas an acetylene cylinder contains a porous filler material made of calcium silicate as well as acetone. This means that with a cylinder of acetylene you are storing 220 pounds of material that you can’t even use. The usable material is more than half of the weight of an Propylene cylinder. CGA now says that you can only withdraw 1/10 of the capacity of an Acetylene cylinder at one time and in cold temperatures it is even more difficult to pull Acetylene out of the cylinder.


Mitchell Machine spares offer a range of RENT FREE Carbon Dioxide liquid and gas off-take cylinders for all uses. Our company is one of very few gas bottle suppliers in Galway that continue to offer rent free Co2 bottles.
Cylinders of both liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide are available from in our stores. Dip tubes are used in liquid withdrawal carbon dioxide cylinders to extract the liquid from the cylinder. The tube runs down the centre of the pressurised cylinder and draws the liquid up through the valve. To identify these cylinders, a white stripe is painted down the length of the cylinder.